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Even Tiger Woods has a Coach
Private coaching now available World Wide on Skype

Take a good look at this photo. This photo was captured at a presentation Cliff gave in July of 2005. The organization hosting the event gave Cliff a room that sat sixty people. They claimed that would be plenty adding that, "break out sessions never get more than sixty people." There were a number of people at the conference who had heard Cliff speak before and knew the quality of presentations he delivered. The word spread quickly that Cliff was speaking and his room was PACKED! Note that there are people sitting on the floor. Plus, what you don't see in this photograph is the people standing at the back of the room and even standing in the hallways from where they could barely see the presentation. A hundred plus people crammed their way into a room meant for sixty. Meanwhile, other break out sessions at the same conference were half full. Wouldn't you like to have people jamming into the room to see you speak about your business? Well ... YOU CAN. With some coaching and some practice people will be clamoring to see you too. You will be the speaker that they ask back time and time again.

Because people have been talking most of their lives, they think they know how to give a great speech. Let's be honest, how many great presentations have you seen in your life? If you're like most people, not many. Speaking is half science, half art, and half magic. I know that is one and a half, the extra half is the magic part.

Like anything else, to do it well you have to train and that starts with a coach. If you wanted to learn to play tennis, you would take lessons. If you wanted to be a great tennis player, you would get a private coach. Speaking is the same way. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned speaker, a world class coach will always make you better. Ever Tiger Woods has a coach.

Why would you want to work with someone who has never given a professional speech in their life, when you can work with a world class speaker. A presentation can sometimes make or break your career, your company, or your political future. Don't you want to be ready?


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And for those who truly want to be the best they can be, PRIVATE COACHING designed for top executives, politicians, lawyers, doctors, business owners, and TV/radio personalities.

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